About Us

Our History

Pawler was founded in 2019 by Johnny Le, a dog owner and lover of pets. Le set out to create a durable rake and tray pooper scooper that was easy to assemble, wouldn’t unravel, and would make cleaning messes a breeze. It’s simple: Pawler makes pet parenting easier!

Our Mission

Pawler loves people and pets. While we love playing with our furry friends, cleaning their messes can be a pain. We’ve designed our products to clean pet waste and yard debris quickly, easily, and conveniently, allowing you to spend more time with your pet and less time picking up after them. 

Our Promise 

Pawler is here to help tackle any yard debris or mess. From pet waste to stray leaves, dirt, or trash, our pooper scooper has you (and your yard) covered. Our multi-purpose products make pickup and disposal convenient and allow you to scoop from a comfortable position without bending or stooping. We help you spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the outdoors with your furry friend!


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